Our company was established on June, 26 1991, and was then a small business called just Pi. For the first few years the company’s main goal was to find their niche market. By 1995 the management had come to the decision that bakery and confectionary industry is the most perspective market niche. Our company made their first move by distributing yeast and flavorings made by a French manufacturers called S.I. Lesaffre. Soon the range of products widened to a big variety of confectionary ingredients and industrial equipment and machinery. The choice of manufacturer is very important. Our company only does business with top European companies.

In 2003 our company became an exclusive distributor of products by a Russian manufacturer Shokoladniy Gorod. They became the first Russian products in catalogue.
Having started in 1995, our company has a long experience of working in confectionary and baking industry in Russia. The company’s motto ‘To manage the elements of technology, taste and form’ and exclusive deals with major European brands, describe the company as a top supplier of high-quality equipment and industrial ingredients in Russia.
The company is a major supplier of whole sale and single packed baking yeast, bread additives, confectionary ingredients, especially the imported ones, various industrial equipment and machinery for big factories and small businesses.

Our projects

It is become a tendency in the European baking and confectionary industry to use more pre packed ready to use dry mixes. They make the manufacturing process quicker and more efficient. Russian manufacturers have started to adapt this trend.
Our company together with Shokoladniy Gorod have launched a new line of pre-packed mixes for baking and confectionary.
Today company is proud to present the following range of products, sold under their trade mark Prof-Ingredients:
Profi-Bake Baking powder – a universal ingredient for cakes, biscuits, honey-cakes, pancakes, sponge cakes and shortcut pre-packed products.
Profi-Doughnut – Yeast-free doughnut mixture
Profi Muffin  - Muffin mixture
Profi-Fond  - Cream fond stabilizers for whipped cream
Profi-Biscuit - Cake mixtures for original and chocolate flavored sponge cakes
Processed fruit: pineapple (dices and rings) cherry on stalk, halved peaches, satsumas and apples in syrup.

A wide selection of high quality flexible fiberglass silicon-coated forms and mats and non-stick baking trays by Demarle, a leading manufacturer of innovative baking supplies from France.
Among company clients are top factories, big hotels and restaurants, smaller businesses, bake shops, sweet shops and cafes. Our company dealership network covers most regions of Russia.
Our company offers help and guidance with installation and maintenance from the technical support team. Equipment warranty deals are also available.


Industrial shows and fairs

The company has a huge experience in both participating and organizing industry events. ‘Everything for bread’ fair organized by company employees took place twice in the company’s history. Our company never misses important industry events such as:

- ‘Modern Bakery’

- 'Ingredients’

- 'Equip'Hotel’

- 'Intersweets’

- 'Argroprodmash’

And other smaller fairs in Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Tumen and Voronezh.
Our company also runs workshops and conferences in the conference hall in their office. They have been awarded with many industry certificates and diplomas for innovations and good work.
Our company is a shareholder of Maslohleb LLC and a member of The Russian bakers Union since March, 28 2001 (cert. 57).