Our company begins its history on June 26, 1991, when the small enterprise "Pi" was founded. The first years of the company's work consisted of finding its place in the market. In 1995, the final choice was made - this is the bakery and confectionery market, to which the company begins to promote yeast and bread improvers from the world leader - the French company S.I. Lesaffre. Soon, the assortment of goods offered to the Russian manufacturer begins to rapidly fill up with an extensive range of confectionery ingredients, technological equipment, tools, etc. The principle of selection of European suppliers remains unchanged - these are companies whose products belong to the highest quality segment of the EU market.

PROF-Ingredients Production LLC is a developer and manufacturer of a number of high-quality ingredients for professionals in the confectionery and bakery industry.

Since 1995, our company has been successfully operating in these markets in Russia. Guided by the slogan "Manage the elements of technology, tastes, reliefs and shapes" and being the exclusive representative in Russia of a number of European manufacturers, the company offers its partners in Russia first-class products that bakers and confectioners need at all stages of production.

The company manufactures and supplies retail and industrial yeast, bread improvers and a wide range of leading confectionery ingredients. This range includes confectionery glazes and mixes, decors, sugar coatings, and cream fillings and coatings.