«Pi-Production» successfully worked at the Russian baking and confectionary market since 1995. One of their mottos reads: «It’s all for the bread» and representing in Russia Europe’s leading manufacurers of industrial bakery and pastry equipment for industry’s biggest factories and smaller businesses. The company suggests top quality industrial equipment for their partners in Russia.

A bakery starts with a good storage, dozing and transportation equipment for liquid and bulk ingredients.
«Esteve» (France) is the world leader specialized in design and manufacturing of automatic transportation equipment for liquid and bulk ingredients. Over 50 years «Esteve» designs, manufacturers, install and realizes the maintenance of equipment in 5 continents. Technical solutions and «Esteve» equipment was highly appreciated by experts in Russia and abroad thanks the quality, reliability and return of investment of supplied equipment.

Mixing dough is a very important matter too.
«VMI» is a French company over 60 years specialized in manufacturing of highly efficient dough mixers and cream whipping machines. The main feature of «VMI» mixers compared to other mixers is the high quality and regular mixing dough, reliability and ease of maintenance.
Baking is the most important part of bread making.

«Gashor» is a Spanish manufacturer of baking equipment with over 50 years of experience. The surface of the factory is 10000 square meters and located in Zizurkil (province Guipuzcoa, north part of Spain).
The company has a huge experience in manufacturing all kinds of ovens.
«Gashor» manufactured ovens under «Winkler’s» license from 1990 to 2000.
«Gashor» keeps carefully and improves their technology to manufacture high-quality ovens and suggests at the same time the prices for equipment lower than competitors.

«Pi-Production» company has a team of technical specialists which realized  installation, warranty service, as well as the warehouse of spare parts for the equipment supplied.
All information concerning baking and pastry equipment represented by «Pi-Production» in Russian market you can receive from our managers or read technical articles on our website.