Pi-Production Ltd is a supplier of industrial and artisanal baking and confectionary ingredients in Russia since 1995.

Firstly the company’s main orientation was expensive premium class ingredients from top European manufacturers. It became the base of the business. The range of products has widened hugely with time. The company signed exclusive dealerships with a number of European manufacturers. The company’s policy is to work closely with the customers, analyze their needs, research the market and develop new products and recipes. Pi-Production works with industry’s leaders, best manufacturers of both new and traditional confectionary and pastry, ice-creams, dairy, cakes and waffles.

Pi-Production works in close partnership with companies like CSM Ingredients France, Kerry Aptunion France, S.I. Lesaffre (France and Russia), Anvey Zion (Israel), Borges (Spain), Orexport (Spain), Lazaya (Spain), Frusecs (Spain), Gray and Co. (USA), Pakmaya (Turkey) etc.

In the late nineties the company forms a wide distribution network in all major regions of Russia.
In 2002 Pi-Production signed an exclusive dealership with a company Choko Ciudad S. L., a Russian manufacturer known for laurine glazes (dark, white, colored) and decorations (vermicelli, sprinkles, grits) of various tastes and colors on its base.

Pi-Production manufacture a number of products, sold under its trademark Prof-Ingredients, such as:
Profi-Bake - Baking powders for cakes, biscuits, honey-cakes, pancakes and sponge cakes.
Profi-Donut – Yeast-free donut mix
Profi Muffin  - Muffin mix
Profi-Fond  - Cream fond stabilizers for whipped cream
Profi-Biscuit - Cake mixes for original and chocolate flavored sponge cakes.
Besides the trademark Prof-Ingredients is used as a private label for the products of some other producers: almonds, canned fruit, maraschino cherry etc.

Pi-Production offers their customers advice and technical support. Technical staff is always available for a call assistance, they are making the presentations and demonstrations of the products both in the customers workshops and Pi-Production showroom. The company’s website is updated monthly with all the new products recipes and useful information.
We trust our partners, care about our customers and do everything in our power to make working with us a pleasant experience.