Central office
Central office: Moscow, Butlerova St., 17. PC: 117342 Business centre NeoGeo, block A, office 289
tel.: +7 (495) 646-35-78


For the purchase of ingredients for the confectionery and bakery industries, please contact the company's employees:

Regional Sales Managers:

In Moscow and the Moscow region, Siberia and the Far East:
Manager Zubkov Sergey  zsv@pi-production.ru

In the Central, Northwestern, Volga and Southern Federal Districts:
Manager Bazhenova Yulia  bazhenova@pi-production.ru

In the Urals and Priurals:
Manager Baranova Svetlana  baranova@pi-production.ru

For proposals for raw materials and ingredients:

Purchasing manager
Shtanchaev Rashid  zakupka@pi-production.ru

Development and Marketing Director
Burtasov Sergey  sb@pi-production.ru

Please send any comments and suggestions to: info@pi-production.ru