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We provide a wide range of ingredients of our own development and production and can develop products according to specific client requests. We have an extensive network of distributors throughout the Russian Federation and provide technical support and advice

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Prof-Ingredients Production LLC
Over the course of more than 30 years of its existence, our company has accumulated extensive experience of working with professionals in the confectionery and bakery industry.

This experience allows us to create high quality ingredients at an optimal price.

Our team of highly skilled professionals provide professional-quality ingredients and consulting services to help increase our clients’ competitiveness in the market.

With the skills and knowledge transferred to us by our European partners, we are constantly developing new products and solving our customers' problems in order to ensure and guarantee their success.

Your success is our priority.
Yours faithfully and with hope for cooperation, Leonid Chizhov!

Chairman of the Board of Directors of PI-Production
Leonid Chizhov

Our vision

To actively develop in order to provide professional quality products and services and become our clients’ preferred supplier of ingredients for bakery and confectionery products
Our vision

Our mission

To work closely with our customers and provide technical assistance in the development and production of bakery and confectionery products to increase their profitability and the number of their sales.

We achieve this by providing ready-made solutions or by developing solutions for specific tasks, thanks to which clients are able to achieve the necessary goals and business prosperity.
Our mission

Facts about us

We began our journey in the year 1991
In 1991, the small business "Pi" was created, and since then our company has come a long way. 30+ years of experience has allowed us to improve and perfect the products and services that we offer
We provide an assortment of 100+ ingredients
PI-Production offers its partners first-class products that bakers and confectioners need at all stages of product manufacturing, and also develops dry mixes according to the client's requirements
We have our own production plant in the Moscow region
PI-Production is a manufacturer of its own products. These products are sent from the warehouse of our production facility, which is located in the working village of Tuchkovo in the Moscow region
We possess the ISO 9001 Certification of production
This standard is based on a number of quality management principles such as strong customer focus, management motivation and involvement, a process approach and continuous improvement
We possess the ISO 22000 Certification of production
An international standard formulating a food safety doctrine for any food industry, including those in the food additives and ingredients industries
We work with wholesale clients as well as smaller HoReCa clients
Our product range is ideal for HoReCa professionals. Our products are easy to use and will help you make quality products while keeping your costs down
We have an extensive network of distributors throughout the Russian Federation
Our company is based in Moscow, but has an extensive network of distribution partners in all regions of Russia. Please contact us for information about our distributor in your region
We possess comprehensive client management
Clarification of the needs and requests of the client, the formation of an offer and consultation of the client at the stage of sale, and commercial and technological support of the client after the sale


PI-Production owns an enterprise in the Ruzsky district of the Moscow region.

Production standards are strictly adhered to for the production of food products.

We produce various confectionery ingredients for both fat-based products and dry mixes.
With the help of our laboratories, our technologists carefully monitor product quality at all stages of production, in order to ensure that our clients receive products that meet our quality standards. Our laboratories also allow our technologists to test and develop new ingredients that follow current market trends.

Our company’s history

A small Enterprise “Pi” is founded. During the first years of its existence, the company searches for its place in the food industry
The final choice is made - the market for the bakery and confectionery ingredients. The company becomes the national distributor of S.I. Lesaffre in Russia and starts promoting yeast and bread improvers
The company starts working with a number of European leaders in the production of confectionery ingredients and equipment for bakery and confectionery production
The company makes a big step in its development and opens its first production facility of confectionery ingredients
Sales policy and organizational structure are reorganized and the company sees a strong expansion of its customer and distributor base
The company opens its production workshop for dry mix products and begins its own production of bakery ingredients.
A shift in emphasis from distribution to production. The company prioritises development of its own production facilities.
The company begins to develop and produce dry mixes at the request of multinational companies, for specific products, technologies, and equipment.
Start of production of a new type of fat-based products - cream coatings and fillings.

Our clients

We have been working with large companies for over 20 years
Our clients
Our clients
Our clients
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Our clients

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